The Road Less Travelled

Ruzzgahara's Journey

The Family Legacy

Perhaps, it is his calling. Even so, it was a firm knowing. 

The flame of passion within him was ignited and felt when he was twelve. It kept on growing until it became a burning fire that cannot be put out.

Growing up, his childhood was spent watching his uncle and grandfather toiled hard in producing block printed batiks. It was a long, arduous and very low rewarding task, yet it was a genuine, labor of love and pure beauty. He vowed that one day he would revolutionize the industry.

As the third generation of batik makers this architect turned artisan knew then, as he knows now, with absolute clarity and conviction that the batik artistry blood flowing within him is his legacy – to fulfill his ancestral destiny.

The Dream

At twelve, Nik Faiz Nik Amin, a boy from the small village of Penambang, Kelantan dreamt the name Ruzzgahara. ‘Ruzz’, was derived from his mother’s name and ‘Gahara’ means of pure descent. It was truly an inspiration from Up above.

He envisioned the traditional Malay heritage artwork of his exotic land, travels the world. He wanted to take the very icon of Kelantanese handcrafted art – Batik and showcase it to the most discerning of international connoisseurs. He dreamt of it being worn by royalty, celebrities and world leaders.

The Journey of a Thousand Miles

Combining his architectural background, the Makyong performance and Malay cultural folklores, Ruzzgahara created a breakthrough and shattered the industry’s stereotypical designs by merging traditions with contemporary forms and functions. Hence, the trademarked ‘Ketamguri’ motif was birthed.

It became Ruzzgahara’s iconic signature and one of the most recognized identities in the industry. For over a decade, the ‘Ketamguri’ took Ruzzgahara from the beaches of East Coast Malaysia to sultry Miami, bustling New York, chic Paris, fashionable Milan, historical Budapest down to crowded Tokyo.

Though the road was long, arduous and winding, Ruzzgahara found herself returning to her birthplace, where she belongs. A heaven on earth.

Ruzzgahara’s Revival

“Ruzzgahara pattern has always been inspired by the ancient wood carving motifs of the Langkasuka, a glorious kingdom that lasted for 14 centuries.

With a strong urge to contemporize Malaysian Batik, the team has dedicated over 12 years to keep introducing unique, fresh yet still true authentic traditional compositions into our creations to suit the modern lifestyles.

From the graceful ketam guri, to the supple bayam peraksi, to the lithe fern woodcarving motifs, RuzzGahara assembles all these into our core emblem and harmonized them with our distinguished dyeing method.

Batik is not just a piece of printed textile. For Ruzzgahara, it’s a composition of art and a medium of folklore telling by our creative team. We narrate our ideology through wax, dynamic colors and fabric fluidity. It is a spiritual journey where we manifest the ancient creative force into the 3D. 

As we embark on Ruzzgahara’s next chapter and my life’s new exciting adventure, it is with utmost gratitude that I announce our next aesthetic endeavor.

After many adversities, the pandemic and going through a transformative period in my personal life and business – Ruzzgahara will honor that experience, acknowledging the collective challenges the whole world went through and yet like a ‘Wau Bulan’ kite, we still rise against the wind gracefully.

We will capture that essence of resilience combined with a new beginning through the representation of traditional Malay Makyong dance - its physical costumes to alluring movement and epic storyline, every single aspect gives inspiration for us to emphasize on the intellectual strength as well as the aesthetic harmony of a mesmerizing composition.

Each of us has a story and we tell ours through Batik.

I had a choice. A life as an architect or as a warrior and keeper of our heritage, and I will say this without an ounce of regret nor doubt,

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.”

– Nik Faiz Nik Amin, Founder and Creative Director of Ruzzgahara

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