The White Series Revival Story

Aligned with Ruzzgahara’s new beginning and central aesthetic theme, we continue our story telling through Batik by capturing the essence of our founder’s latest life changing event – his wedding.

Inspired by ALL the natural elements present (Earth, Wood, Metal, Fire, Water) during Ruzzgahara’s founder’s beach wedding ceremony that took place in October 2022, the team decided to craft the White Revival Series Collection to capture its pure essence and embody the intimacy of the sacred union.

The event that started in the evening before the solemnization ceremony that took place the next day, where all of Nik Faiz siblings and close friends began to arrive one by one and assemble at the beach to enjoy an intimate dinner spread prepared by his mother Madam Ruzz, the guests were able to witness a beautiful sunset, with serene ocean breeze brushing against our cheeks.

 All the guests began to gather at dawn the next morning so that the solemnization could happen at sunrise. Well, as they say we plan and Allah plans, and Allah is always the best of planner.

What was supposed to be a bright, sunny wedding turned into a blissful, stormy, grey affair. We were greeted by heavy rain that refused to stop, but luckily the owner of Sudara Resort, Puan Maimun made a back up plan where the roof covered hall was prepared in advanced based on the weather prediction of that day.

Despite the rain and the happy tears, it turned out to be a beautiful, smooth occasion surrounded by love, joy and harmony.

And yes, we could sense the sparks between the bride and groom, after the signs of relief appeared on both of their faces, well everyone’s faces actually, knowing the long love journey that Nik Faiz had to go through to finally found and be with the queen of his heart.

Amidst the sandy background, the green coconut trees, the blue waves sound and the sight of the sun breaking through the sky after the rain subsided, we witness a beautiful sight of Nik Faiz and his bride Anis Najihah captured on the white dais.

Most beautiful of all, was when the guests look amazingly stunning in Ruzzgahara’s Batik assembles – Sage for the close friends and Grey for the family members and siblings.

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